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Humour is the great thing,

the saving thing.

The minute it crops up,

all our irritations and

resentments slip away,

and a sunny spirit takes their place.




Broadleaf Carpet Grass

Broadleaf or Tropical Carpet Grass (Axonopus compressus) -

'The ideal grass for home lawns and semi shaded areas'

Carpet Grass is very well suited to Tropical North Qld and will grow in a variety of soils from clay to sandy soils where moisture is available. The leaves are approx. 6mm wide and have a unique curling along the edges. It has realitively good shade tolerance,(up to 70%) with very little maintenance required. This grass is also referred to as 'Buffalo Grass' and is one of the only grasses that can be left to grow long and then mowed down without any scalping.


  • Poor cold temerature tolerance                                                                               
  • Will not grow in waterlogged soils
  • Poor herbicide tolerance
  • Poor wear tolerance