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Humour is the great thing,

the saving thing.

The minute it crops up,

all our irritations and

resentments slip away,

and a sunny spirit takes their place.




Turf Installation

Turf Installation -

Whether you are laying your own lawn or getting a professional, good site preperation is essential !

Your new turf should be layed as soon as possible after delivery. Our summer months in North Qld can be quite harsh and if the turf is left on pallets in the sun it will heat up in the middle of the turf and cause the turf to go yellow. Allow a maximum time span of 24hrs from when the turf is harvested to when it should be layed. 

Before laying your new lawn, it is recommended that a starter fertiliser be applied over the soil.

Your new lawn needs to be watered within the first 30 minutes of installation. Do not saturate but soak on the initial installation.

If you are laying your turf yourself we do offer free brochures from Turf Australia to assist you in this process.

If you want to take the time & hassle out of laying your own lawn, we do offer an installation servce. Our trained staff are happy to provide this professional service that allows you to enjoy your new lawn even before it is finished.


Turf Australia Brochures are available on request - Turf Installation