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Humour is the great thing,

the saving thing.

The minute it crops up,

all our irritations and

resentments slip away,

and a sunny spirit takes their place.




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Thanks guys for the great service lawn has never looked better

Residential Projects -

  • Tropical Homes Display Houses ; Truman Way, Liberty Rise & Burnham Street, Willowbank Estate
  • New Home Solutions ; Housing projects

Commercial Projects -

  • Maidment Development Group; Sanctum Estate
  • Naturform Pty Ltd ; Riverparks Estate & Apex Park
  • JMac Constuctions ; North Shore Estate

School Projects -

  • Ryan Catholic College
  • Rasmussen State School
  • East Ayr State School
  • Millchester State School, Charters Towers

Sports Venues -

  • McKinlay Shire Council ; Julia Creek Football Field

Mining Projects -

  • Ivanhoe Pty Ltd ; Osbourne Mine




Maidment Constructions
Maidment Constructions
Tropical Homes Display
Tropical Homes Display